Current Clients

The National Audubon Society
Phillips Media has completed a 15 minute program for the Arizona Chapter of the National Audubon Society.  The video program was produced to inform the community about the 200 million dollar Rio Salado Restoration Project in downtown Phoenix Arizona.  

The Rio Salado Restoration Project is a joint effort by the City of Phoenix, the Army Corps of Engineers, the Maricopa County Flood Control District to rehabilitate a 6 mile stretch of the Salt River that is just south of downtown Phoenix.  

The goal of the Phoenix Rio Salado Habitat Restoration Project is to restore the native wetland and riparian (i.e. riverbank) habitats that were historically associated with the Salt River, which once flowed year-round through what is now Phoenix.

You may view this project via Windows Media Player by clicking the link below.
Audubon Video

The Outdoor Channel
Phillips Media provides freelance field directing, producing as well as videography services to The Outdoor Channel.  Phillips Media provides services for several of TOC's shows including the new, Wings To Adventure, a program to debut July 2005.  The show, about general aviation,  is shot entirely in High Definition using the Sony HDW-750 HiDef cameras.   Other programs the PM supplies services for are The Circle of Honor, Inside R/C and Whistle Stops.


The Anthony Bates Foundation
Phillips Media was approached to "rescue" the ABF from a unscrupulous video production company that did not deliver on an agreement to produce a informational video tape for the foundation.  After a lengthy court battle, the "other company" delivered a substandard product to the ABF that could not be used for streaming or broadcast.  Among the problems were "big time" audio dropouts, pixilated sections of video, as well as other problems to numerous to mention.

Phillips Media not only reworked the entire project from the very poorly dubbed source tapes, it delivered the reworked video on time and without charge.  Then PM also hosted the video for ABF on the Phillips Media website, where you can view it today.  The first month (Jan 2004) of hosting, PM received over 4000 hits on this video alone.  

The Anthony Bates Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization dedicated to save young lives through early detection of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy.  The Anthony Bates Foundation is actively promoting public outreach programs through training and education of heart screening events.  Our goal is to promote heart health education and awareness of HCM. To learn more about HCM, please visit The Anthony Bates Foundation

"What is HCM?"   video high speed
"What is HCM?"  56k dialup

The Arizona Game and Fish Department
Phillips Media provides freelance Avid editing services to AZGF for their award winning television Show Wildlife Views.

The Other clients

Phillips Media provides freelance field directing, producing as well as videography services to several other clients in Arizona as well as across the US.